California Pizza Kitchen announced the return of its Tostada Pizza, and said the menu item’s return is in response to customer demand. Interestingly enough, the brand is also letting its patrons influence how long the item will remain on the menu.

Starting March 26, the Tostada Pizza will be offered across all company-owned CPK locations. If the company sells over 1,000 Tostada Pizzas by March 31, the item will remain on the menu indefinitely. Customers can monitor the sale progress on the California Pizza Kitchen website or via its social media channels.

The Tostada Pizza features a crispy thin crust, layered with black beans, Monterey Jack, and Queso Quesadilla cheeses, topped with lettuce, tortilla strips, ranch and tomato salsa, with optional chicken or carne asada.

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In addition to reintroducing the Tostada Pizza, CPK is launching two other Tex-Mex-inspired items: the Green Chili Enchilada Pizza, which combines hand-tossed crust with chicken, poblano peppers, salsa verde, and cheese, topped with feta, sour cream, and red onion; and the Casa Paloma cocktail, featuring Casamigos Blanco Tequila with grapefruit, mint, ginger, and lime.

“At CPK, we are always on a mission to bring fresh, innovative, and bold flavors to our guests,” said Paul Pszybylski, vice president of culinary innovation at California Pizza Kitchen. “Our guests told us how much they love these flavors—we received countless requests both in-person and through social media to bring back the Tostada Pizza—so we chose to add two more bold and exciting menu items as a bonus. It’s extremely rewarding as a chef to be able to bring back a guest’s favorite, while also introducing them to something new.”

Founded in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen claims over 160 locations worldwide. It is also one of the largest full-service pizza brands in the world.

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