Buddy’s Pizza Delivers To Animals

According to, “Forget the pepperoni and cheese. The polar bears will take their pies topped with fish and peanut butter.”

“They and other animals at the Detroit Zoo will take a delivery of specially-prepared Buddy’s Pizza, Wednesday, April 27. The restaurant, with nine locations including Livonia and Farmington Hills, will create the “enrichment pizzas” in collaboration with the Zoo’s animal welfare staff, kicking off a multi-year partnership agreement with the Detroit Zoological Society. As the Detroit Zoo’s pizza partner, Buddy’s Pizza will offer discount coupons to Zoo guests who buy tickets to rides and attractions such as the Tauber Family Railroad, Wild Adventure Ride and Wild Adventure 3-D/4-D Theater. Buddy’s also will subsidize field trips to the Zoo for underserved elementary students throughout Metro Detroit. Its special delivery on Wednesday will help to make the animals’ environment more engaging and dynamic. Daily animal enrichment includes the introduction of novel and sometimes unpredictable elements such as objects, sounds, scents or other stimuli that give the animals choice and control in their environment and encourage them to respond in species-typical ways.”