""Tacoma, WA – Edible Image® designs are now available in children’s favorite HIT licenses. Bob the Builder™ and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends™ designs are in inventory and ready for purchase! Thomas the Tank has been the number one preschool toy license in the US for almost 10 years. Bob the Builder first aired in the UK in 1999 and is now broadcast in over 240 territories and in 45 languages. 

Edible Image® designs are manufactured by the same company that invented Edible Image® designs for cakes. The designs are made in the USA, of starches and edible food colors. The natural cheese flavor of the image complements the pizza.  

USA Today featured an article about NBA licensed Edible Image® designs for pizza, and you may have also seen the images on Fox and Friends morning show. Graphics of both new designs on pizza are attached.

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