Bloomington Rallies At Pizza X: $42,000 Raised For Family Of Slain Delivery Driver

Bloomington, Indiana, November 10, 2011 – In the aftermath of a tragedy, the Bloomington community has rallied with an overwhelming response following the killing of Adam Sarnecki, a pizza delivery driver for Bloomington’s south side Pizza X shop.

Adam Sarnecki, 22, worked as a delivery driver at the Pizza X location on the south side of Bloomington, and was shot last Thursday evening, November 3, after confronting a man he found breaking into a car behind the business. He died following surgery a few hours later at Bloomington Hospital.

The Pizza X store was closed on Friday and through the weekend to give the restaurant staff some time to grieve. The owners and staff then decided that the Pizza X South store would re-open on Monday, November 7 and would donate the next 3 days of sales to a fund for Adam’s surviving fiancée and three children.

“Those three days were like that scene at the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ where the whole community shows up to give whatever they can,” said Jeff Mease, co-owner for One World Enterprises, the company that owns Pizza X. “Even in tough times, even after an unspeakable tragedy, I’m so humbled by the willingness of this community to honor Adam’s memory by contributing to a fund for his family. We are absolutely amazed and overwhelmed by Bloomington’s energy, generosity and heart.”

When Pizza X South reopened on Monday afternoon, there was already a long line of customers at the door. Due to the massive volume of orders, some customers who called during the dinner rush waited more than two hours for their orders to be filled. The restaurant’s phone lines were jammed – one customer called 176 times and couldn’t get through, but finally came to the store and waited in line in person behind 30 others.

“Our customers could not imagine what this outpouring of support means to our staff,” said Jeff Mease. “Customers have made every effort and waited so patiently just to be here and be part of this fundraising drive. We had former employees who put on an old Pizza X shirt and came in to help.”

Employees (and former employees) from the other local Pizza X stores arrived at the Pizza X South restaurant to pitch in to serve customers – many of them volunteering their time for the cause. Jesse Bloom, General Manager of the busy Pizza X campus location, tended the ovens, cutting and boxing up well over 2,000 pizzas in three days. One former employee, Avery Thatcher, now a real estate broker, was waiting for his order Wednesday night at 5 p.m. and decided to jump in and help – eventually
working an impromptu six-hour shift.

In three days of sales, Pizza X South raised a total of $30,851 in sales and $12,000 in extra donations from customers and donated tips from the Pizza X staff. The total money raised ($42,851) will begin a memorial fund for Adam Sarnecki’s fiancée and 3 young children.

To contribute to the Adam Sarnecki Family Fund, send a check made out to the fund to: Pizza X 1805 E. 10th St. Bloomington IN, 47408 or go to the Pizza X website at

Fans of Pizza X can “like” them on Facebook to stay updated on the fund’s progress.

About Pizza X

Pizza X is a local pizza company with 5 locations in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Pizza X is part of the One World Enterprises family of businesses, all of which are located in Bloomington, which include Lennie’s, the Bloomington Brewing Co., One World Catering & Events and the Loesch Farm. One World Enterprises is owned by Jeff Mease and Lennie Busch. More information can be found on the company’s website at