Recipe provided by The Bacon Jams

Looking to blow minds at your next family picnic? This recipe jams together two summer classics, the BLT and the pasta salad, to create a sophisticated side dish that eats like a meal.



4 oz The Bacon Jams Red Chile and Garlic Bacon Spread

1 lb penne pasta

23/ cups mayonnaise

4 cups spicy arugula

4 cups halved cherry tomatoes



Bring water to a boil and toss in pasta. While that cooks, mix your bacon jam and mayonnaise together in a bowl (this is also a good time to halve your cherry tomatoes if you haven’t already done so). When your pasta is just the way you like it, strain it, rinse it with cool water, and toss it together with your dressing, arugula, and tomatoes. All finished? Now pat yourself on the back and prepare to steal Aunt Edna’s thunder.