Big Eater Overcomes Challenge Posed by 12-Pound Pizza

“Naader Reda studied the 12 pounds of pizza in front of him, not with awe or fear but something resembling respect,” according to the Statesman Journal.

“The 29-year-old Californian was on the last of a four-day Oregon vacation that involved five food challenges, including 7 pounds of various Chinese chicken preparations (“No rice, no veggies — just chicken”) at a Corvallis Chinese restaurant and 5 pounds of poutine in Portland. But Church St. Pizza’s 28-inch, four-flavor, 12-pound pie was his highest gluttony mountain yet.

The deal, said Church St. owner Demitri Georgedes, was straightforward: Reda had 90 minutes to finish the whole thing. If he did, it was on the house, and if not, it would cost him $100. One Facebook post claimed there was more than $20 worth of cheese alone.”