BelGioioso Cheeses Rated Best in Class by American Cheese Society

Denmark, Wis. – The award-winning cheesemakers at BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., have earned even more honors for their cheeses produced using time-honored, hand-crafted techniques. The American Cheese Society (ACS), at the organization’s 25th-Annual Judging and Competition in Austin, Texas, this month, bestowed top prizes to several varieties of BelGioioso cheeses for the products’ superior quality, clean flavors and traditional appearance.

First place: Burrata

In the “Italian Type Cheeses, fresh mozzarella” category, BelGioioso’s Burrata took home first prize. This exclusive delicacy continues to receive accolades since its debut in 2007. BelGioioso’s Burrata features a silky exterior with a fresh cream and mozzarella center.

Second place: Parmesan

In the “Italian Type Cheeses, grating” category, BelGioioso’s Parmesan was named one of the best varieties. Aged for over 10 months, much care goes into its aging process to develop its rich, sweet, nutty flavor.

Second place: Fresh Mozzarella Prosciutto Basil Roll

In the “Flavored Cheeses, cheeses flavored with herbs” category, BelGioioso’s Fresh Mozzarella Prosciutto Basil Roll placed for the second year in a row. This colorful roll consists of smooth, milky fresh mozzarella layered with basil and fine crafted Prosciutto.

Third place: Sharp Provolone Mandarino

In the “Italian Type Cheeses, pasta filata” category, BelGioioso’s Sharp Provolone Mandarino received top honors. Made from a recipe rich in tradition using whole cow’s milk, it is never smoked or bleached. The traditional Mandarino shape is hand waxed, roped and stamped with the famous BelGioioso logo.

The American Cheese Society’s 25th-Annual Judging and Competition captured a record 1,327 cheese entries from 197 companies representing 32 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces, plus Mexico. Out of 314 ribbons awarded, the state of Wisconsin scored the most with 92. The goal of American Cheese Society awards is to give positive recognition to those cheeses that are of the highest quality in their aesthetic evaluation (i.e. flavor, aroma and texture), as well as their technical evaluation.

BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., specializes in all-natural, classic Italian and handcrafted cheeses exclusively produced in Wisconsin. Participating in the rich, long heritage of cheesemaking in Wisconsin, the company is family owned and operated and nestles itself in the green pastures of the northeast region of the state. For product information, recipes or product samples, please contact BelGioioso Cheese at (877) 863-2123 or visit