San Francisco, CA – May 5, 2011– Asterleaf, Inc. announced today the release of  This amazing site offers a FREE platform where Restaurant owners and managers throughout the world will be able to connect with any member of the website.

Restaurant owners can post available positions and view independently verified work histories and personality videos of site members, while possessing the ability to make instant electronic interview invites or hiring decisions for their Restaurant concepts globally.

Site members have up-to-the-minute access to the very best in Restaurant education, financial advice and strategies for their substantial tip income, personal development coaching, global job listings and their own shopping center! Whether just starting out or a veteran in the restaurant industry, A Server’s Place is your one stop for everything you will need to succeed in the restaurant industry!

If you are an Individual who would like A Server’s Place to host your virtual verified work history and personality video for hiring Restaurants to view throughout the world, simply establish a profile on . Following easy step-by-step instructions you can complete your work history and personality video (via YouTube). Once complete, you have instant access to thousands of restaurant concepts who are currently searching for new hires. Searches can be performed by inputting a variety of criteria including geography, job title, restaurant type or even specific restaurant name. Additionally, site members have access to aserversplace’s variety of services including the best in Restaurant education, financial advice and strategies for their substantial tip income, personal development coaching and their own shopping center.

Restaurant Owners, Managers or Human Resource Professionals have the ability to post global job openings for their Restaurant concepts, access the extensive talent database, view independently verified work histories and personality videos of site members. Owners can search by a wide variety of criteria and send instant electronic interview invites or electronic hiring decisions for their Restaurant concepts globally.

Glenn Owens, CEO of Asterleaf, Inc said; ”A Server’s Place was created by an active, core group of Restaurant Service professionals who dedicate themselves to unify and improve the Restaurant service culture globally. Our mission has always been to create a positive online community where food service professionals can better themselves and advance their careers while simultaneously improving the Restaurant industry as a whole. We accomplish this by implementing educative tools and new technologies which enable our fellow food service professionals to enter and successfully thrive in today’s Restaurant workplace.  Resources such as The Global Job Network, The Server’s Mall, and the Restaurant University, help to ease the traditional burden placed on the hiring establishments who want their staff to show up experienced, informed, talented and properly attired from day one. At A Server’s Place, we believe amazing career success is a collaborative effort.  For our part, we will continue working hard to provide food service professionals online access to the greatest technology, jobs, education and apparel which allows them the best chance to join exceptional Restaurant concepts worldwide while experiencing shared career success.”

About Asterleaf, Inc.

Asterleaf, Inc. provides proprietary E-Learning technologies that are changing the way restaurants hire, train, educate and retain the best professional fits for their concepts worldwide. At Asterleaf, we believe the solution to creating excited, enthusiastic, service-minded individuals who are “Guest Focused,” is achieved by implementing powerful and consistent education through E-Learning which speaks directly to the next generation of restaurant team members. Using Asterleaf technology and e-learning content you can reduce individual training costs while insuring compliance and minimizing your exposure. Asterleaf e-learning allows your training team to focus on training that increases sales and maximizes the customer experience. Using state-of-the-art E-learning technology to provide redundant and compliance focused training consistently to your entire team, 24/7 365.

Asterleaf specializes in skill and compliance training for the foodservice and hospitality industry combining the most successful training content with the most advanced technology for delivering content and measuring results.

Asterleaf is a member of the National Restaurant Association and will be exhibiting at the NRA show in Chicago, Il, May 21-24, 2011, booth #5454. See a complete demonstration of at the show.

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