According to a recent news report from, “Pi Pizza has been playing host to more than pizza parties lately. The pizzeria has been hosting local art exhibits featuring the work of St. Charles elementary school students.”

“It’s amazing what these kids can do,” owner Peter Favia said. Favia was approached about hosting the shows last year by art teachers Sally Edmondson and Joyce Simkus, who wanted to raise the profile of the school district’s art programs,” said the story. “We can’t perform,” Edmondson said. “We can just put our work out there.” The student works have been well-received, Favia said, but he  initially was skeptical about showing them. “I was a little hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect,” Favia said. “But it’s really great.” Hundreds of students have had their work on display at Pi, Edmondson said.”

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