Arcaro’s Pizza in Taylor a Favorite Among Area Families for More Than 40 years

“Arcaro’s Pizza has been an institution atop Taylor Hill, hugging the Scranton-Taylor line, for more than 40 years. But the restaurant’s history runs even deeper,” according to The Scranton Times.

“In fact, it dates back to the early 1940s, when Pat Tomeo opened Tomeo’s in the building. In 1971, Mr. Tomeo sold the building to his first cousin, Frank Arcaro, and his wife, Sally.

Arcaro’s is still a family affair to this day, although the couple’s son, Frank Jr., is now in charge of the restaurant’s everyday operations as its general manager.

Having been around the establishment his entire life, Mr. Arcaro takes great pride in the family establishment.

“I’ve watched families come in here all the time for 40 years,” said Mr. Arcaro.

The menu has expanded greatly since the Arcaros took over the location, but much has stayed the same. They even use the original tables, and although the booths have been recovered, they are original as well.

Their unique square pizza is made fresh and covered in melted American cheese, coming in white and red styles. Mr. Arcaro also recently developed a round pizza, topped with a blend of cheeses.”