A world Record for Papa John’s… Maybe

According to, “Stephen Walker, the pizza delivery man who was mugged and carjacked on the job, has gone from hitting rock bottom to reaching the top of the world, almost quite literally.”

“John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s Pizza, set out on a cross-country ‘road trip‘ as part of the restaurant’s 25th anniversary celebration.”

“Chicago was the seventh stop on Schnatter’s multi-city tour, and he made a visit to the Willis Tower. ‘Papa John’ hoped to make a world record for the world’s highest pizza delivery at more than 1300 feet. Walker, who has been delivering pizzas for nearly 20 years, joined Schnatter for the long 103-story elevator ride up to the Tower’s Skydeck along with 15 pizzas.”

“But whom were they delivering the pizzas to? No one had “officially” ordered the five “The Works” pizzas, five pepperoni pizzas, and five sausage pizzas. Not only that, but no one even ate the pizzas on the 103rd floor. Instead, the pizzas were taken to an employees’ break room on a lower floor.”

“Does it still count as a delivery?”

“That’s what the Guinness World Records will be determining as they go over the photos and videos submitted by Papa John’s.”