Accord signed establishes partnership between the two bakery, pastry and confectionery shows

Following up on the positive results registered at Fieramilano in May 2007, A.B. Tech Expo – Baking and Technology Exhibition for Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery – promoted by Italy’s Federation of Bakers, Pastry-Makers and Associated (FIPPA) and by the SIPAN Consortium, and organized by F&M Fiere & Mostre – is fast readying for the next event and positioning itself, through a new strategy and new alliances, as the major venue of the industry.
In particular, a recent accord between A.B. Tech Expo and IBA – World Bakery Show – Germany’s foremost trade fair for that industry, has considerably strengthened the position of the show on the international trade fair scene. This strategic alliance brings closer together Germany and Italy, which rank as Europe’s topmost makers of machinery, equipment and technology for bakery, confectionery and pastry industry.

Germany’s bakers association, alongside Italy’s FIPPA and the SIPAN Consortium, which groups over 70 machinery makers in Italy, have reached an accord to harmonize their trade fair policy and to address more effectively their respective partners on the market.

The agreement regards the periodicity and the dates of the respective shows. Both events shall be held every three years on a rotation that reflects the pace of innovation in the industry and meets the exigencies of companies to optimize their budget. The two shows shall take place in October in alternate years, starting with IBA from 3 through 10 October 2009, at Düsseldorf and A.B. Tech Expo from 23 to 27 October 2010, in Milan. Also, the SIPAN Consortium is arranging for the direct and collective participation of its affiliates at the World Bakery Show, in co-operation with GHM, the organizer agency of the artisan exhibition of Munich, in Bavaria. Concurrently, IBA’s promoters aim to increase awareness among its own exhibitors of the potentials of the Italian market and of its connections with other markets.

Both bakers associations aim to consolidate their partnership through reciprocal participation of their respective members to the contests staged during the shows. For the first time, a FIPPA team will participate in the IBA-CUP 2009 and a team from the German bakery academy will participate in the A.B. Tech  Expo 2010 contest.

“This is an important step forward for A.B. Tech Expo”, said Claudio Gaibazzi, President of the show. “For A.B. Tech Expo to be able to strike an accord with the leading trade fair in the industry right after its maiden show means that we have earned the confidence not only of the enterprises that opted to participate in the event, but, above and beyond, of the international trade fair market. The partnership implicitly recognizes the value of the show and the quality of the work accomplished by the promoters, the SIPAN Consortium and FIPPA, and by the organizer and promoter F&M Fiere & Mostre.”

Peter Becker, President of Germany’s bakers association, declared about the new Italo-German partnership that: “Co-operation between the two shows and their respective promoters will be conducive to the consolidation of the trade fair scene for the greater benefit of all industries involved”.

FIPPA President Edvino Jerian, said: “Co-operation between A.B. Tech Expo and the world show IBA is met with extreme appreciation by our association because not only does it stress the growth of A.B. Tech Expo as the venue of the industry, but it also bolsters collaboration between the trade unions of the respective countries with positive impact on German and Italian companies alike”.


SIPAN Consortium President Luciano Gnocchi added that “it is with no small satisfaction that we see the central role that was granted the SIPAN Consortium as interlocutor. It is a tribute to the 70 bakery machinery companies affiliated to FIPPA and, through the association, a tribute to Italian bakers at large”.

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