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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Friday is National Pizza Day, and as a card-carrying member of the pizza community, it’s your duty to help America celebrate!

It’s OK if you don’t have anything elaborate planned. There’s still time to throw something together. After all, everyone else will be celebrating in some way, so don’t be the odd man out.

Let’s huddle up and figure out a plan…

1. Invite your customers to wear their favorite pizza shirts to the pizzeria and post pics of them on your social pages.



2. Hold a pizza eating contest in your parking lot (trust us, you don’t want that mess inside the store).



3. Help to Slice Out Hunger by joining dozens of pizzerias that are donating pizzas to soup kitchens this Friday in order to help feed the hungry with the Pizza Across America Campaign.


4. Host a trivia night on Friday and toss pizza prizes into the crowd. Everybody loves pizza swag!


5. Think way outside the box and create something unexpected on your menu using pizza ingredients. A pizzeria in London is featuring a pizza cocktail, while we’ve also seen pizza ice cream and, of course, pizza cake.