20-Something Business Owner Dishes on the Recipe for Success

""“Most kids are still in school when they reach the age of 21, even fewer own a business by 22. Danny Glover is different than most. He’s young, ambitious and owns two businesses, all of which came before the age of 25, according to Wheaton Patch.com  While most of his friends were busy partying and attending college, Glover was on the fast-track to chasing down his American dream. In the summer of 2011, Glover opened the Glen Ellyn location of Skuddlebutts Pizza & Catering, originally of Downers Grove. At age 15 the west suburban native begin bussing tables at the Downers Grove location, the same place where his mom worked as a waitress. Fast forward a few years and Glover was calling Skuddlebutts his—a full-circle moment for the 20-something.”

‘“Right from the beginning I always wanted to do more. I wanted to have a part of the business, I wanted to have a part with everything,’  said Glover. Soon after first starting with Skuddlebutts, Glover moved up the ranks to become a server and he didn’t stop there. When the original Skuddlebutts owner Bill Gall opened a new location in Downers Grove, Glover was appointed manager at age 18. Soon, Gall was bringing Glover to important vendor meetings and Glover soon found himself second in command. When he grew older, he found himself at a crossroads. Glover was outgrowing his role at Skuddlebutts and was looking for a new challenge. While talking with his mentor, Gall revealed that after many years he was ready to take a step back from Skuddlebutts and wanted to sell his business to Glover.”