ZAgistics Introduces Auto Out/Arrive Functionality for Pizza Delivery Tracking Mobile App

ZAgistics™, the innovative providers of Pizza Delivery Tracking App, have recently introduced the new Auto Out/Arrive capabilities on the mobile application of their service. ZAgistics Mobile was designed with simplicity and the driver’s safety in mind, and Auto Out/Arrive takes ease of use to the next level for delivery drivers.

When using the pizza delivery app, drivers previously were required to manually indicate when they were leaving the restaurant on their delivery by tapping a “Heading Out” button on the app’s smartphone interface – activating the delivery tracking process. Once the driver had completed their deliveries and returned to the restaurant, a tap on another button indicated they had returned “Back at Restaurant,” essentially completing the pizza order and reporting the updated delivery status to the Console within the restaurant.

Now, with Auto Out/Arrive, a process called geofencing has removed this requirement for the drivers. By utilizing geofencing technology, the GPS on the driver’s smartphone can determine their location relative to the restaurant automatically. After logging into ZAgistics Mobile, when the driver travels beyond a specified distance threshold (roughly 50 meters) from the restaurant, the Auto Out/Arrive function will automatically detect that the driver has left the restaurant and will activate the delivery cycle.  Similarly, when the driver returns, Auto Out/Arrive will complete the delivery cycle once the driver is within the distance threshold. 

This removes several steps for the driver while still providing the same interaction and updating when logging their delivery runs – improving both safety for the driver by eliminating distractions and improving the accuracy of reporting for the operator by reducing failure points for the driver. Drivers only need to utilize two single buttons on the mobile app: one tap for each delivery completed and one tap to indicate when they are done with deliveries and returning to the restaurant. Tapping the “Heading Back” button activates the automated “Returning to Base” ETA calculation, and staff back at the restaurant will then be able to see how soon the driver will return and be ready to take another delivery order.

Delivery drivers have fast-paced, often stressful jobs, said ZAgistics founder Jason Borak.  We have always focused on keeping our delivery tracking service as safe and easy to use as possible.  With Auto Out/Arrive, the driver can focus on quickly delivering the product to customers, while the restaurant operator gains real-time insight into their delivery operations.  Its a win for everyone.

The Auto Out/Arrive functionality is a free upgrade to ZAgistics Mobile and is available now for both new and existing customers of ZAgistics on iTunes and Google Play

About Zagistics:

ZAgistics was founded in 2013 in Broomfield, Colorado by a team of passionate map geeks. The philosophy of ZAgistics is to provide excellence in customer service and transparency in pricing through clear, straightforward prices that are within easy reach of every restaurant owner.  Their products are continually evolving and improving and are designed from the ground up with the pizza operator in mind. 

For more information on ZAgistics, individuals are encouraged to contact Founder, Jason Borak directly at (720) 263-7364 or via email at To learn more about the company products or pricing, please visit: