A pizza shop is saving $7,504 a month using the xPizzaCube, according to the pizza-making robot’s manufacturer, xRobotics. The pizzeria is part of a chain, whose name cannot be disclosed at this time, that’s testing the new technology.

The store generates annual sales of $800,000 to $1 million. According to xRobotics, the pizzeria has reported savings in several areas, including labor and food waste. The following is a summary provided by xRobotics to PMQ:

Reducing Labor Costs

The above chart depicts the number of staff members the pizzeria client scheduled before installing the xPizzaCube compared to the number of people they’re scheduling now. “DIFF” means the difference between what the number of staffers used to be and what it is now, by hours and total for one week and one month. The pizzeria’s hourly rates vary from $11-$19 per hour. Thanks to the xPizzaCube, it’s reporting direct payroll savings of $5,850 per month.

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The pizzeria is also reporting that its employees are feeling less stressed and more eager to come to work. The robot took over the stressful job of placing thousands of slices of pepperoni on pies during Friday and Saturday rush hours, which was a major relief.

The pizzeria is also reporting improved customer service, withfewer missed calls and reduced wait time at the front. It’s hard to put a dollar figure on that, but we all know it means extra money for the business. Their employees had more time to focus on customer service rather than worrying about toppings.

this photo shows an African-American chef in a white chef coat holding a cheese-topped pizza next to the xPizzaCube from xRobotics

Reducing Food Waste
Additionally, the pizzeria is reporting a dramatic change in mozzarella consumption. On average, it’s using two to three fewer cases of mozzarella per week, which is eight to 12 cases month. xRobotics’ calculations show that an average person over-portions one 14″ pizza by about one ounce of mozzarella. The reported savings are consistent with the calculations. One case of mozzarella is $74.12, which amounts to $592.96 in savings for eight cases or $889.44 for 12 cases in one month.

Additionally, the robot tops pizzas using pepperoni sticks instead of pre-sliced pepperoni. Pepperoni sticks are 35% cheaper per slice than pre-sliced pepperoni. Normally, you wouldn’t buy pepperoni in sticks because slicing would take hundreds of hours of manual labor. However, the xPizzaCube robot does the job of slicing pepperoni, which resulted in extra savings of $765.10 for the pizzeria.

So here’s a look at the savings:

$5,850 in direct payroll savings
$889.44 in cheese savings
$765.10 in pepperoni savings

Total savings: $7,504.54 per month per location