Eat Like a Writer today announced that writers love pizza. Not necessarily a revelation, since pizza is America’s favorite food, but the survey offers additional potential.

“Surveying writers about what they like to eat offers interesting insights for brand managers,” says Eat Like a Writer editor Liz Barrett Foster. “Not only is the information interesting, but writers are often the ones who decide the who, what, when, where and how to write about a food product. Insights into what they like can be priceless.”

Foster says that in addition to the pizza survey, she plans to survey her readers about burgers, sushi, beverages and more in the future. For the latest pizza survey, click here to find out writers’ favorite pizza crust, sauce and toppings, as well as how often they order pizza and from where.

Insights into what writers enjoy eating, their favorite kitchen tools, books and even favorite food celebrities are shared regularly on Eat Like a Writer. To date, nearly 100 writers, cookbook authors and bloggers have participated in interviews.

“While the aim of Eat Like a Writer is to inspire and educate writers through interviews with their peers, the insights provided by writers is also proving to be helpful for product managers,” says Foster. “Anyone who is curious about what writers read, eat or purchase relating to food should take note.”

About Eat Like a Writer: Eat Like a Writer ( interviews writers, cookbook authors and food bloggers about how they got started in their careers, their challenges and wins, and the types of food that they enjoy along the way. Included with the interviews are recipes, writing tips and a monthly product spotlight. The mission of Eat Like a Writer is to inspire new and seasoned writers through the stories of their peers. To learn more about Eat Like a Writer, click here.

About Liz Barrett Foster: Liz Barrett Foster is an award-winning food writer who has written more than a thousand articles during her career. She launched Eat Like a Writer in 2020 to bring more attention to writers and to learn more about them. Find out more about Liz here.

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