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World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery Guarantees at Least Four Months of Waiting for Free Pizza

“Delivery in 30 minutes or it’s free” is a well-known guarantee among pizza chains, but an innovative campaign will deliver free pizza to 100 customers in Chicago…after at least four months of waiting for the cheese topping to finish aging.

Sargento Foods (based in Plymouth, Wisconsin) needed a radical way to unveil its new aged cheese collection, so its marketing partner Ogilvy created a themed campaign, “The World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery with Sargento,” to emphasize the lengthy process that goes into Sargento’s new Reserve Series.

As Sargento explains in a video, customers were invited to visit, where they could select their favorite cheese to be aged over a period of between four and 18 months. The customers could decide how long they were willing to wait for excellence. As the tagline goes: “Good cheese comes to those who wait.”

Once the aging process is complete, the Chicago-based Big G’s Pizza will then create pies to order with the selected aged cheese.

The orders sold out quickly after the campaign launch, but customers can still visit, where they can track progress and watch live footage of cheese aging.

Those who live too far from Big G’s delivery circle can get a coupon for the Reserve series so they can make their own pizza at home. Sargento has 62 suggested pizza recipes listed online.