“Workers at Palermo’s Pizza in Milwaukee were supposed to vote today on whether to form their own union. However, the vote has been delayed because another union wants to be involved,” according to WUWM  Milwaukee Public Media. “As WUWM’s Marti Mikkelson reports, advocates for the workers continue to put pressure on the company to improve conditions at the Menomonee Valley plant.

Dozens of workers at Palermo’s Pizza walked off the job on June 1. They formed the temporary Palermo Workers Union and have been picketing the company, claiming working conditions are unsafe and plant employees have no paid sick leave. The company fired more than 70 strikers and replaced them. The two parties set today as the date for workers to vote on whether or not they wanted to formally unionize. The National Labor Relations Board was going to oversee the balloting. Percy Courseault of the NLRB’s Milwaukee office says after the date was set, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union requested a spot on the ballot.”

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