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Vino, On Tap?

"" reports, “When the Kitchen [Next Door] opened in Boulder earlier this year, it didn’t have a single bottle of wine on the beverage list. Instead, the restaurant installed a keg system from which it pours three whites and five reds. Frasca Food & Wine’s Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson pursued a similar course when they opened Pizzeria Locale — bottles are available, but the restaurateurs’ Scarpetta is flowing from taps. In Denver, Lou’s Food Bar has a keg house white and house red on the list; Linger offers three by-the-glass selections from a draft line; and the newest Elway’s, up in Vail, is also installing taps for vino.”

“So is this a trendy fad, or is keg wine the next keg beer — an evolution of the industry that’s here to stay? Andy Lum, who owns Unity Selections, a local wine distribution company (where I once worked), was one of the first to start selling keg wines that come from outside of Colorado. He says he’s seen a major uptick in keg wine sales since he first started distributing it just under a year ago, not least because it’s appealing to many local restaurants that are concerned with sustainability.”