The demand for food delivery and takeout isn’t likely to fade anytime soon, according to a new study from US Foods. But when Americans dine at your restaurant, the atmosphere and experience need to be top-notch.

For its new study, titled “The Diner Dispatch: 2023 American Dining Habits,” US Foods surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about their dining preferences, favorite restaurant types, ordering habits and more.

Convenience remains a top priority for restaurant customers, the survey found. In the post-pandemic era, Americans are sticking to their delivery or takeout habits. On average, customers order delivery or takeout 4.5 times a month, compared to eating at a restaurant an average of three times a month. Not surprisingly, 74% say they dine out because they don’t feel like cooking, while 51% said it’s more convenient and 44% do it for the socialization.

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Takeout and delivery offer another big advantage: Customers get to enjoy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of their own homes. More than half (57%) said they prefer ordering takeout or delivery to actually dining at the restaurant.

How long will they sit around and wait for those orders? More than half (54%) are willing to wait 30 minutes or more for carryout or delivery, the study found.

But for those who prefer to sit down and dine at your restaurant, 63% say they do it for the atmosphere, and 48% said they want to socialize with friends. Forty-seven percent pointed to the superior food quality of restaurants, and 41% said it’s a “nice way to celebrate something special.”

“As consumers seek more exceptional dining experiences, they are also looking for new flavor experiences that excite their palates and provide a respite from their daily routines,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of product development and innovation at US Foods. “The trend of global flavors demonstrates this as diners look for discovery and escape from the ordinary.”

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The survey also uncovered an interesting fact about ordering from restaurants. Overall, 76% still prefer physical menus to menus accessed via QR codes. But the younger the customers are, the more they like QR codes. Nearly one-third (31%) of Gen Z customers prefer QR codes, compared to just 14% of Baby Boomers. Twenty-seven percent of Millennials prefer QR codes, and 22% of Gen Xers like them better, too.

Finally, the survey found that, over the course of a month, Americans spend an average of $166 per person going out to eat. But are they tipping better? Many are, with 45% saying they’ll tip 20% or more. Thirty-eight percent said they typically tip 20% when dining out, while 6% bump that up to 25% and 1% will spring for 30% or better.

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