Unified Office, Inc., a leading managed services provider offering reliable hybrid cloud-based business communications services, IoT services and data analytics, announced today its Food Safety Service for Restaurants. This program combines various components of its Total Connect Now business communications platform including its Visual Performance Suite (VPS ) advanced business analytics and Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite (TCNOPS) IoT services. Hundreds of Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants across the US including over one hundred Domino’s franchisees are currently using these services to help meet their food safety requirements.

“With Unified Office we can spend more time running our business and training and coaching employees and less time worrying about our phone services going down or our temperatures going up,” said Augusto Garcia, owner of a Domino’s Franchise, Springfield Pie. “If any indicator goes out of my pre-set ranges, I get a notification so I can stay in charge of our operation from anywhere in the world. We have also increased our revenue using Unified Office’s Total Connect Now service with its Food Safety Offering. The service is very easy to use, and reliable and Unified Office’s execution has been flawless. It has given us a great return on our investment.”

This Food Safety Service is based on Unified Office’s award-winning Total Connect Now and reliable high-quality VoIP and UC services, which run on its patented HQRP transmission network platform. This highly reliable, secure HQRP network is the foundation of Unified Office’s Total Connect Now managed services platform upon which all of their services are based.

“Food safety is a major hot button issue in the restaurant industry right now,” said Ray Pasquale, Founder and CEO of Unified Office. “The food safety technology market is a $20 billion* dollar market with millions being spent each year on everything from germ detection AI technologies to automated food kiosks, IoT sensors, and robot chefs. We saw a way to meet this need with a combination of our existing services which we customized for the restaurant industry. We incorporated our IoT platform into our industry-leading business communications platform, the result of which is not only increased food safety compliance and visibility but also increased revenues as a result of never missing a call particularly at times of peak demand.  In today’s impatient, post-Amazon real-time world, lost revenues can occur when customers get busy signals, are put on hold, or worst yet, sent to voicemail.”

Unified Office’s Food Safety Service incorporates its Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite (TCNOPS) offering to monitor refrigeration, fan exhaust emissions, prep table temperatures, door sensors, and other components that are crucial not only to maintain food safety compliance but also to monitor and alert on temperature variations that might result in food inventory waste. The Service monitors and analyzes IoT. This information can also be made available to an HVAC contractor for them to proactively respond to potential failures before they occur.

For example, a thermostat can be set to a limited temperature range(s) so that when the temperature goes above or below a certain level, an alert is sent to management and others as configured by the managers or team members. This service typically includes the following services on top of the Total Connect Now platform:

  • Visual Performance Suite, advanced business analytics to monitor their operations including the performance of call center reps. and IoT devices linked to refrigerators and make tables, etc.
  • Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite, an Internet of Things service layer designed initially to help improve food safety compliance for its restaurant customers by managing and monitoring the IoT sensors placed on refrigerators, make tables, ovens, lights and air conditioning units, etc.
  • Total Connect Now Sentiment Analysis Suite (TCNIQ), an AI solution to enable its customers to detect sentiment (anger, exuberance, etc.) in their customers’ voices in recorded calls, a big time saver over having to listen to each call one by one.
  • Whisper Coaching, enables managers to coach employees while they are on the phone with customers, without the customers hearing them.
  • Operations Management Portal: to configure services and track store performance.

The Food Safety Service also enables restaurant managers to upload videos to play periodically for employees on their large VPS TV wallboards to remind them to perform specified safety procedures such as washing hands and or checking make table temperatures. This is the same wallboard that displays analytics in real-time showing staff performance in answering calls and providing customer service. A portion of this wall board can also be dedicated to IoT analytics that monitors different elements of their infrastructure such as freezers, refrigerators, and make tables.

Unified Office also offers a seamless, automatic failover backup solution for its communications platform. The Operations Management Portal enables franchise managers to keep tabs on the performance indicators of all locations from anywhere in the world through the company’s operations Management Portal. Staff can float seamlessly between franchise locations using one unified, simple dialing scheme. Franchise managers can design their own custom call flow/forwarding schemes and work from virtually any device, anywhere they happen to be. Unified Office delivers all these services within the context of a single Managed Service with outstanding customer support.

* The Food Safety technology market is estimated to reach $24 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8% between now and then, according to a recent research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.


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