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UK's Chippy Tea Tradition Inspires Deeply Weird Pizza Special

Brits love their chippy tea, but will they find it proper scrummy in the form of a pizza—or simply daft?

Crazy Pedro’s, a pizza joint with locations in Manchester and Liverpool that's known for its loopy marketing, hopes to find out with a new menu addition inspired by the longstanding UK tradition of “going down the chippy” for fish and chips.

“Chippy” is a colloquialism for an eatery or pub that serves fish or sausages along with chips (French fries) and mushy peas, an oh-so-British evening repast. The Chippy Tea pizza at Crazy Pedro’s features a mushy-pea base – yes, we said a mushy-pea base – topped with mozzarella, chips and sausage and finished off with a drizzle of curry sauce.

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“The idea came from the age-old question when your ‘mam’ asks if you want to go to the chippy for tea,” the pizza company said in a statement. “So we took the best of the old British classic tradition and put it on a pizza!”

The Chippy Tea pizza sells for £15 or £10 at happy hour and will be offered through September.

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