Two Domino's Employees Accused in Pizza Discount Scam

PENSACOLA — According to a report from, “Two Domino’s Pizza employees are being accused of stealing a chunk of dough, and not the pizza kind.”

The article said, “Taylor Fagan and Krystal Roberts, both 20, are accused of pocketing nearly $40,000 that should have belonged to the pizza store where they worked. The pair allegedly rang up thousands of dollars in pizza orders as discounted because customers had coupons but in reality charged full price, then took the difference for themselves, according to an Escambia County sheriff’s report.”

The report said, “The two carried on the scheme at the Pensacola restaurant for more than a year, discounting 2,670 orders and pocketing $37,436. The pair sometimes ran the scheme up to 15 times a day and two to three times a week, according to the report.”

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