SPRINGVILLE, Calif., March 22, 2010 — Tropical Traditions
announced today that it has started shipping organic
soy-free eggs high in Omega 3 fatty acids to its consumers
nationwide. These new eggs come from chickens that are
raised by family farmers and eat a coconut-based soy-free
feed mixture that is certified organic, with no genetically
modified grains. Tropical Traditions developed the feed the
chickens eat: Cocofeed.

Why No Soy?

Soy has become a big part of the human diet post-World War
II, with the result that there are many people with soy
allergies today. Soy is the cheapest protein available, and
it is a major component of most animal feeds. Cheap soy
protein allows chickens to grow the fastest, and produce the
maximum amount of eggs during their peak laying cycles. If
one believes they are allergic to eggs, it could be that
they are in fact allergic to soy protein that researchers
have now found to be present in egg yolks. Almost all
commercial eggs, including those that are organic or
marketed as “Omega 3” eggs, are from chickens fed high
concentrations of soy beans. Many people are consuming soy
protein in their eggs without probably realizing it.
Tropical Traditions’ soy-free organic eggs have been tested
to be soy-free.

Highest Omega 3 Content

Tropical Traditions doesn’t simply add flaxseed or flax meal
to their chicken feed to make it “high Omega 3.” In addition
to eliminating soy and using organic coconut pulp, the
chickens eat a high-quality fish meal and crab meal. The
fish meal is from deep ocean water small fish, and the crab
meal comes from the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest or
Nova Scotia. Laboratory testing has shown that these eggs
contain almost twice as much of the Omega 3 fatty acids as
other organic “Omega 3” eggs that derive their Omega 3 fatty
acids from flax seeds. Not only are high-quality Omega 3
sources added to the chicken’s diet, but the high amount of
Omega 6 fatty acids that are contained in soy is completely
eliminated. Most nutritionists agree that our diet is
unbalanced in its ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids
because of the abundance of soy and corn in our diets today.
Tropical Traditions’ organic soy-free high Omega 3 eggs
supply a much better Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio because of the
absence of soy.

The Eggs Are Shipped to the Consumer’s Door

Tropical Traditions developed a special box for delivering
its eggs to the homes and businesses of its customers. The
box and dividers are 100% recyclable, and no plastic,
Styrofoam, or bubble wrap is used. The boxes have been
tested with no egg breakage, and Tropical Traditions offers
a 100% delivery guarantee.

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