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This Week in Pizza November 4


Research shows that millennials love to use their smartphones to make purchases. Now data culled from a popular phone app reveals pizza is 18-34-year-olds' favorite buy. CNNMoney cites the millennial mainstay Venmo, described as "like PayPal or checks for the 20-something crowd.” The tech-savvy hipsters use the free app to transfer money to each other in seconds. Venmo, which was recently gobbled up by PayPal, requires users to include a message or an emoji to save time when they send money. This past summer’s most frequently used emoji was “pizza” in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. The emoji of choice for New Yorkers? “Taxi.”

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Behind the Pizza Peel—Al Santillo

Asked when he got into the pizza business, the owner of Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth, New Jersey, said he was “born in a flour bag.”

The Pizza Insider tells you all you need to know about this committed pizzaiolo.


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PizzaTV: Take a Bite of The Slice

In this installment of PizzaTV’s The Slice, National Pizza Month, a Lamborghizza and Halloween ratwear are the topics that will have you hungering for more.

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Sausage Paste and Beetroot Essence Pizza Takes European Title

Those ingredients may not sound appetizing, but Missy Assink, PMQ’s foreign correspondent, says European Pizza Championship winner Salvatore La Porta knew the score with his Halloween-themed entry.

Read Pizza Without Borders for some insight on Italian pizza judging trends.


Promotion Don’t: Elected Officials Problematic Pizzeria Stumpers

Here's a cautionary promotional "don't" for election week. Three not-so-with-it town officials in Neenah, Wisconsin, were advised to cease and desist after appearing in ads for Broken Tree Pizza that ran in a Fox Cities newspaper in recent months. reports Mayor Dean Kaufert, Fire Chief Al Auxier and Alderwoman Cari Lendrum were photographed holding a pizza with their names and government titles identified in ads in the Scene, a Fox Cities monthly. Neenah City Attorney Jim Godlewski may enjoy Broken Tree Pizza's brick oven, wood-fired pies, but he put the stop to the unpaid endorsements after learning about the ads last week. "It's a matter of good practice not to be advocating for a specific business because who do you say 'yes' to, and who do you say 'no' to?" Godlewski says. "I advised them not to do it again."

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