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This Week in Pizza, November 25


Have you ever boasted that you could eat that whole pizza by yourself? A new Cornell University study suggests men not only brag about their appetite, they're likely to prove it when showing off in front of their woman by devouring as much pizza as they can shove in their faces. As reported, Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab found that when a man was paired with a woman at an Italian buffet, the dude was likely to inhale 93% more pizza by volume and 86% more greens. Kevin Kniffin, who conducted the study, says these results are consistent with historical power plays in which men demonstrated prosperity by eating as much as possible in one sitting to demonstrate they possessed the most food in the area. "These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off,” Kniffin wrote. “You can also see this tendency in eating competitions which almost always have mostly male participants.” Alpha male on a hot date? Sounds like a great upselling opportunity to us.

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2nd Annual Southeast National Pizza Trials
December 7 & 8 at 4 p.m.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers (downtown location)

205 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Win a Grand Prize Trip to the
World Pizza Championships


or contact Bradley Johnson at
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Square Solutions: That’s the Ticket

Square recently introduced a technology called Open Tickets that helps delivery drivers in the field and pizzeria operators to earn more from credit card purchases.

Learn more from a pizzeria operator who uses this technology.


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Pizza From the Heart—A Love Story
With Five Points

PMQ associate editor Andy Knef shares a love story that features two lawyers-turned-pizzaioli and how they helped revitalize an East Nashville neighborhood with good will and good pizza.

Read Pizza Perspectives for the rest of the story.


Groupon U.S. Pizza Team Cleans Up In China

Four members of the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team earned awards in this year’s 10th annual Chinese Pizza Championship in Shanghai, which took place at the FHC China food show.

Missy Assink has all the details in Pizza Without Borders.


Play Nice, Win a Slice

Proving a kid’s favorite food can make the school playground a kinder, gentler place, US Foods has recognized zpizza, with stores in 15 states, as the first Ultimate Food Fanatic Award winner for its innovative anti-bullying program, called Nice zSlice. The artisan pizza chain launched Nice zSlice in recognition of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. Teachers from more than 200 schools nationwide partnered with local zpizza restaurants, rewarding students who showed kindness to others with free slices of pizza. The company launched the program last year and distributed nearly 100,000 Nice zSlice awards to schools around the country. zpizza also hosted pizza parties and provided program materials for the educators, including posters that encourage positive behavior, parent communication letters and tips on how to address bullying and reward students in the classroom.

Read more about zpizza’s efforts to reduce bullying with a slice of goodness at


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