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Being successful and making great food doesn’t necessarily make your shop newsworthy. Most reporters look for a human-interest angle—a heartwarming or inspiring story about a person who has overcome adversity. Maybe that person is you or your pizza maker or a waiter. Maybe it’s an employee with special needs or a cancer survivor starting a new chapter in life. Find that story in your pizzeria, relate it in a brief letter or press release and email it to local lifestyle reporters and editors (preferably with a photo of the individual). End with a friendly invitation (no strings attached) to lunch or dinner—and a chance to meet the employee—at your pizzeria!

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Authentic Foods’ Gluten-Free Pizza

Pardon the pun, but getting great flavor and texture from a gluten-free crust is now easy as pie, thanks to Authentic Foods. Here, PMQ’s Chef Brian Hernandez uses Authentic Foods’ gluten-free crust mix to prepare an amazing Mushroom, Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza your guests will love!

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Top 10 Reasons to Join PMQ’s Think Tank

Members of PMQ’s Think Tank, the pizzeria industry’s largest online forum, have been helping each other solve problems and develop moneymaking strategies for years. These veteran pizzeria operators have seen it all, and they’re willing to help you make your business a success, too.

Here are 10 reasons why you should join the Think Tank today!


Can Pizza Predict Our Next President?

PMQ’s Andy Knef says pizza and politics “go together like The Donald’s skin color and a tube of cheap body bronzer.” But can pizza consumption trends in various states tell us how presidential candidates will perform in the primaries?

Andy explains it all in Pizza Perspectives.


Anna’s Pizza & Pasta Hosts
Heart-to-Heart Fundraiser

When a group of big-hearted kids in Winnebago, Illinois, wanted to help a man whose own heart is failing, they knew there was no better host venue than Anna’s Pizza & Pasta. As word of the planned fundraiser spread, the entire community jumped on board and the event took on a life of its own, drumming up more than $4,300 in donations and drawing glowing media coverage for owner Brian Weavel’s pizzeria.

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