This Week in Pizza–March 16


Are you losing market share to the big chains in your area? Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen says it comes down to one word: technology. “A closer look at 2015’s sales figures shows that, while pizza might have been the year’s most photographed food item on Instagram, the pizza players with the widest smiles are the executives at tech-savvy chains,” Allen writes, in a LinkedIn post titled, “How Tech Is Killing Off Independent Pizzerias.” He adds, “Technology is killing off independent pizzerias … at the rate of roughly 2,549 locations per year (in 2015 alone).” Online ordering and mobile-friendly websites are major culprits. And if independents keep lagging behind on these technologies, they may never catch up.

Here’s why you MUST make it easier for guests to order your pizza.


Recipe of the Month: ‘Nduja and Marinated Artichoke Pizza

Looking for a meat topping that’s spicy and spreadable? A little dab of ‘nduja will do ya. This artisanal recipe from Mutti Tomatoes, featuring the spicy, spreadable salami from Calabria, could be a game-changer for your pizzeria.

Check out the recipe right now at


Pi to the Maximus for Pizza Lovers

Andy Knef explains why he has utmost respect for the pizza-peddling power of Pi Day, when math nerds and pizza lovers alike “celebrate two elemental constants that hold our vast universe in balance.”

Learn more about Andy’s struggles with the fear of geometry at Pizza Perspective.


U.K. Pizzeria Uses Runners—and Periscope—
to Deliver Pies

Sodo, a green-conscious pizzeria in the U.K., set aside a day last week to deliver pizza the old-fashioned way: with fleet-footed members of a local running club. The result: scads of positive media coverage, recognition by AdWeek and a new audience reached through Periscope, an increasingly popular live-streaming app.

Read about the promo and watch a video at

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