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Rick Camuglia, owner of Paisano’s in Albuquerque, just wanted to call attention to his fish special, a pan-seared Ahi tuna with a black olive tapenade relish. But his attempt at humor—a message on the outdoor marquee that read, “Black Olives Matter”—brought down the wrath of the Internet last week and divided his customers along political and cultural lines. And once again, quickly taking down the sign wasn’t enough to stave off negative media coverage. The moral of the story? In the social media era, operators must think carefully about every marketing message—and how it’s worded—or risk a near-instantaneous backlash.

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The Pizza Kitchen: Muffaletta Pizza

PMQ’s Brian Hernandez shows you how to jazz up your menu with a New Orleans-style doozy of a pie that’s long on ingredients, big on flavor, and surprisingly easy on prep.

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Loyalty is Everything

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Adding Take-and-Bake to your menu

Take-and-bake offers another opportunity to get your pizza into customers’ hands—and their money into your hands. According to Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann, you can create a good take-and-bake pizza just by making some tweaks to your existing dough formula.

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Pizza Hut Waves the Flag for Summer Olympics

Pizza Hut’s going big for the Summer Olympics—we’re talking two feet big. That’s the length of the chain’s Big Flavor Dipper pie, which will be delivered in a specially designed red, white and blue box bearing the words “Go USA” and the Pizza Hut logo. Every order comes with one of two sets of sauces, including flavors like the Texas Honey BBQ and the California Ranch.

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