Are the winter doldrums hurting your business? Try a little dose of neighborhood marketing, such as Tom Feltenstein’s “Mystery Night” promo. Set aside one specific hour on one night during a particular week to give away free food. The catch is, no one but you and your staff will know which night and which hour it is. Promote it on your website and social media and create a logo and hashtag for it. Then watch as the word spreads and your pizzeria fills up with hopeful customers.

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Polselli 00 Flour Classica: Margherita Pizza

Join PMQ’s test chef Brian Hernandez and guest chef Marco D’emidio in the PMQ Pizza Kitchen and learn how to create an amazing Margherita pizza using Polselli “00” Classica flour.

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Join PMQ at the Think Tank Reunion
in Las Vegas

Come join your fellow pizza operators at PMQ's 3rd annual Think Tank Reunion at 6:30 p.m.Tuesday, March 8, in Room N220 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Featuring drinks, light appetizers and live music, the reunion is a private event for registered Think Tank members.

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The Keys to a Stronger Web Presence

In his new blog, Slinging Pies, Aaron Harris, PMQ’s IT director, takes a look at Roberta’s, a popular Brooklyn pizzeria with a website that’s ranked No. 30 in PMQ’s Top 100 Pizzeria Websites. Aaron explains what makes Roberta’s site work—and a mistake or two that could be hurting them with customers.

Read more about Roberta’s website at Slinging Pies.


The Fly Exorcism and Big Bang Pizza

How does a single dad stop an unhinged toddler from screaming like a victim of demonic possession? PMQ’s Andy Knef knew exactly what to do—and, lucky for him, he lived to tell the story, despite the ever-so-slight risk of bubonic plague.

Find out if there’s anything Andy won’t eat at Pizza Perspective.

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