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Branding is key to pizzeria success, but &pizza in Washington, D.C. takes it one step further, inviting employees to brand their own bodies with its distinctive ampersand mark. The Washington Post reports &pizza offers employees free tattoos at a nearby tattoo parlor, with 15 taking up the offer recently. &pizza, which has grown to 13 sites since its 2012 founding, started offering free tats a year ago and even extends the offer to customers who spend $1,500 on pizza. &pizza co-founder Michael Lastoria says if his company reaches an undisclosed goal, he'll adorn himself with the largest ampersand tattoo of all.

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As Seen On PizzaTV: Spotlight on
Salvatore Lupoli

PMQ publisher Steve Green hosts a revealing video discussion with Salvatore Lupoli, the founder of Sal's Pizza and Salvatore's, who used pizza to help transform the struggling mill town of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

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Peak Pizza Consciousness, Dude—It’s Here…

Pizza’s impact on pop culture is expanding exponentially, muses PMQ associate editor Andy Knef. From pizza weddings to pizza wrapping paper, it’s much more than food. It’s a phenomenon.

Find out what the craze is about in Pizza Perspective.


Meet the Eric Clapton of Shaker Boarders

You've seen them: poster-holding pizza hawkers stationed in front of your local pizzeria enticing you to come in for your favorite food. They're called shaker boarders. And Sean Knittel, who performs regularly in front of a Little Caesars in Sioux City, Iowa, is the Eric Clapton of the profession. He’s even drawn positive media coverage, with the Sioux City Journal describing him as “rocking out on his poster-board guitar, wagging his bearded head to the beat and flashing hand signs to those who honk at him." Knittel started out at Little Caesars a year ago, making pizzas and washing dishes, but he jumped at the chance to rock out for pizza sales. “To me it doesn’t feel like a job. I’m getting paid to do something I like to do,” Knittel says.

See how the right shaker boarder can earn positive media buzz for your pizzeria.

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