What kind of message are your employees sending out to customers when you’re not there? A Domino’s franchisee last week learned a hard lesson about his staff’s customer relations skills from nurses at a nearby hospital. When the nurses ordered a pizza five minutes before the shop’s closing time, they got a rude note with their delivery and immediately posted it on Facebook.

Read the note and learn about the backlash at PMQ.com.


Crafting a Direct Mail Headline

The success of any direct mail piece depends on the headline. It should be direct and brief, but never boring. Extreme Pizza offered a mailer with a headline that asked, “Is There Such a Thing as Too Fresh?” Round Table Pizza teased a two-for-one deal with, “Come and Enjoy a FREE Pizza on Us!” Did you just start offering online ordering? Send out a mailer that reads, “Is This Your First Time? Get 20% Off Your First Online Order!”

Get 6 can’t-miss tips for a successful direct-mail campaign at PMQ.com.


PizzaTV: Plate Up Pasta Dishes in Record Time (Sponsored Content)

Every second counts in a busy kitchen. Fortunately, using Marzetti’s super-speedy frozen pasta will help you plate up comfort-food meals for your customers in record time. From the freezer into boiling water, it’s ready to serve in under a minute!

Watch a video about the convenience of Marzetti Frozen Pasta at PizzaTV.com.


Help Young Customers Plan Their Future

Summer’s coming, and many graduating seniors face an uncertain future. Tom Feltenstein suggests helping out by hosting a Career Counseling Day at your pizzeria. Invite students and parents to enjoy pizza and visit with career counselors from local colleges and universities. Choose a day for the event, set a starting time and charge a set price. Promote it on social media and ask local schools to distribute flyers to students.

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