This Taylor Swift-Approved Chef Is Opening a New Restaurant

Pizza is on the menu at this new upscale Fort Lauderdale restaurant from the chef behind Emilio's Balloto in Manhattan.

Anthony Vitolo is no stranger to cooking for high-profile customers. Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Joe Jonas, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and President Barack Obama are just a handful of the patrons who have dined at the iconic Italian eatery Emilio’s Ballato in Manhattan, where Vitolo is executive chef and partner.

The next move for the renowned chef? Vitolo, an authentic Italian eatery that will “introduce the distinctive flavors of New York’s celebrated Italian cuisine to the vibrant coastline of Florida.” The new venture was created by Vitolo along with partner Rob Cosoli.

“Fort Lauderdale Beach is experiencing a culinary boom, with a wave of new restaurants and high-caliber chefs,” Cosoli said in a statement. “We are thrilled to bring Vitolo and Chef Anthony to South Florida to enhance the growing culinary scene.”

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While Vitolo is first and foremost an Italian restaurant, the menu will feature five handcrafted pizzas made with fresh Italian-imported ingredients straight from Vitolo’s family farm in Sarno, Italy. Pizzas on the menu include the Queen Margherita, Tony Pepperoni, Bianca, Bomba (soppressata, Kalamata olives, Calabrian chilies and sauteed shallots) and Il Domenico (minced garlic, mixed olives, capers, anchovies and fresh basil).

“My culinary journey began in the kitchen of my family’s restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato in Manhattan, where I learned the importance of authenticity and hard work,” Chef Vitolo said. “Now, I’m excited to introduce these traditions to the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach with the opening of Vitolo. I’ve designed the menu with signature beloved classics that evoke a blend of nostalgia and innovation in a single dining experience. Drawing from my family’s own farm in Sarno, we’re committed to bringing only the best and freshest ingredients to Vitolo, ensuring our guests savor the authentic flavors of Italy.”

The menu also features an array of pastas, antipasto, salads and more. All of it will be made with love and served as though each guest is family, Cosoli said.

“Whether it’s recalling a guest’s preferred beverage preparation, remembering a birthday or an anniversary, or even noting specific table preferences, no detail is too insignificant,” Cosoli said. “For our team, it’s about not only delivering exceptional cuisine but also adding those personal touches to ensure our guests feel right at home.”

An interior shot of Vitoli, a new Fort Lauderdale restaurant with pizza on the menu.

The restaurant blends the vibrant energy of South Florida with the restaurant’s treasured family legacy, striking a synergetic balance between modern elegance and the timeless tradition reminiscent of Nonna’s cooking for Sunday night dinners. Through its dynamic design, three individual dining atmospheres, an extensive wine collection, a curated cocktail menu and the Vitolo’s culinary mastery, the restaurant will offer an Italian dining experience amidst the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale Beach.