Pizza-themed footwear is nothing new, but thanks to some creative packaging, pizza socks now come in a pizza box—and we think that rocks.

The Pizza Socks Box, offered from online stores like Amazon and Etsy, comes with four pairs of socks available in five “flavors”: Pepperoni, Capricciosa, Italian, Vegetarian, and, yes, even Hawaiian. The socks are carefully arranged in the shape of a sliced pizza, and the box itself looks pretty much exactly like a generic pizza box from any delivery or carryout shop.

According to the Pizza Socks Box’s Amazon page, the socks can be worn with “casual clothes, a pair of jeans [or] or a jacket and a suit.”

Developed in the European Union, the Pizza Socks Box was “invented ‘from scratch’ by a lover of pizza and colourful socks who decided to combine these two things and create Pizza Socks,” the company says.

“Pizza Socks are produced in a small family production plant in Central Europe, where the quality of the product is treated as a point of honour,” the company adds.


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