The Slice Harvester is Still Eating, Blogging Through NYC reports, “A year and a half ago, Colin, an active member of the DIY punk scene, found himself sitting in his room with a friend, feeling unfulfilled. Trying to picture the perfect job, a title came to him: Pizza Consultant. A Pizza Consultant would naturally travel throughout the country advising Middle American pizzerias how to make their slices more like authentic New York pizza. But to truly become a qualified Pizza Consultant, there was nothing to do but eat at every single NYC pizzeria— and chronicle his adventures in a zine. Thus was born The Slice Harvester.”

“Sitting together at a booth inside Little Italy Pizza in the Financial District, Colin describes a NY1 report he’d seen in another pizzeria the day before. ‘This thing had washed up from the East River,’ he says. “It was an Atlantic sturgeon. They can grow up to five feet long and have these armored plates on their bodies. It’s the most sick-looking animal you’ll ever see.’ Despite the images of sea monsters that suddenly hovered over our plates, Colin and I eat and then discuss the merits of our plain slices. We agree that it is above average and should be rated six out of eight possible slices. A few days later, the review shows up on his blog.”