Pizza at the Royal Wedding?

If you watched the Royal Wedding on May 19, you already know that it was atypical of the traditional Royal affair. Even getting married on a Saturday went against tradition.

So, it wasn't totally surprising to us when a tote filled with pizzas was seen being brought into the evening reception.

Can you imagine a pizza party happening at any of the previous Royal Weddings?

According to several sources, including Metro, the Pizza Express pizzas were brought into Windsor Castle just before 200 guests arrived to the evening reception. It's unclear if pizza was the original plan, or if something went wrong with the original menu.

Of course, the pizzas could have been for the staff or children at the reception, but we'd like to think they were for everyone!

With wedding season upon us, remind your customers that if they're searching for a wedding reception meal that's "fit for royalty," pizza certainly fits the bill!


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