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The Pizza Expert is Looking for One Good Slice–and Helping Improve Yours

Boca Raton, FL – September 29, 2009 – There are cheese experts, wine experts, expert tasters of beer, of fish, and more.  Most would not think that there is a real cult of pizza connoisseurs outside of Brooklyn or the Bronx.  Most are wrong.  The real Pizza Expert lives in Boca Raton and he knows a good pie when he tastes it.  


From his website,, he seeks out the best in pizza.  Despite its name, the site is not about making pizza hangouts look bad, it’s about finding the best slice and showing people where to get it.  In other words, it’s about avoiding the Worst Pizza by knowing where to get the best.  


Through his website, The Pizza Expert gives entertaining and thoughtful reviews of pizza and the places that sell it.  He also says, point-for-point, what is wrong with a slice he doesn’t like and what could be done to improve it.  Pizza parlor owners, take note.


Lapp, the Pizza Expert, says he never really set out to do this.  “The site was actually started as a fun way to share my pizza follies with my family and friends out of state,” he says.  “For some reason, though, it got popular and has grown so that now has visitors from all over the world.”  Now Lapp hopes to visit every pizza place in Florida and work his way around the country.


Although most of the pizza reviews are for places in Florida, Lapp has family and friends in New York and has done a fair amount of traveling.  So there are reviews from wherever he’s been, as well as guest reviews from people he knows are as finicky about their slice as he is.  Currently the site has dozens of reviewers from around the world.


The site has grown such a following that they now hold regular “PizzaTweetups” through the @pizzatweetup Twitter account and website  “I just pick one of my favorite pizza joints out of those who emailed me; or two or three,” says Lapp, “and consult with them about all of my followers coming.  Most of them know me and when a crowd of fifty or sixty people arrives at the door, they are happy to accommodate.  They usually have their best ready and baking when we arrive.”


The site has become so popular, in fact, that Lapp regularly fields tweets, phone calls, and emails from pizza restaurant owners and managers wanting to know what they can do to improve their slice.  They also, of course, want the exposure that the Pizza Expert can give them.  Seeing this, Lapp decided to put together a team and a new site, to advise these restauranteurs how their pies can improve.  


“We’re not out to hurt anyone,” says Lapp.  “We want every pizza joint to be the best it can be.  That’s why we always make sure to say what we think could improve.  We want everyone to enjoy better pizza.”


About the Pizza Expert

The Pizza Expert is known as “Lapp” and his goal is to travel the world in search of the best pizza.  He shares what he finds when he’s had a slice on  Growing up in the New York Metro area, he learned what some of the best and worst pizza are like.  Going beyond the “college dorm box pizza,” he looks for real, restaurant pizza with high standards of quality.



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The Pizza Expert

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