Someone needs to wake up Ozzy Osbourne—if it’s anytime before noon, he’s probably still zonked out—and tell him about The Headless Bat, a pizzeria opening soon in St. Louis.

After all, Ozzy inspired the restaurant’s name with his most infamous onstage deed: Biting the head off an actual, honest-to-goodness bat during a 1982 concert. “As the singer of Black Sabbath, he’s often considered the godfather of heavy metal, so the name is kind of a nod to him,” Rick Giordano, the restaurant’s founder, told Fox 2 Now recently. “I also just think it’s a cool name, and it gives you a bit of insight into what to expect inside. If you get the reference or think the name is cool, you’ll probably enjoy it here.”

The Headless Bat hasn’t opened for business yet, but its headbanging theme has gotten scads of media coverage. Since this past spring, Giordano has been interviewed about his business by Fox 2 Now, Feast Magazine and the Riverfront Times.

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Giordano is a rock-and-roller himself—he plays and sings for the St. Louis band, Lion’s Daughter—and heavy metal is his jam. But his pies are a good deal lighter, according to Jessica Rogen, who enjoyed a sneak preview for the Riverfront Times. Giordano’s pizzas have a “thin, light and airy crust that crisps up nicely in the Italian brick oven,” she wrote. “The sauce has a bit of sweetness with hits of spice and garlic, and it’s all topped with legit, stretchy, melty mozzarella.”

Thankfully, Rogen didn’t mention the flesh of flying rodents as a topping. But metal-influenced artwork adorns the space, which is painted red, including the original work of local artists as well as an Iron Maiden poster Giordano has owned since around 1989. One rather irreverent piece of art shows Satan himself enjoying a slice of pizza, while a statue of a snarling tiger prowls above the dining area.

This is a graphic soliciting job applications and features a grinning, green-skinned and green-haired skeleton holding a peel with a pizza.

The Headless Bat / Instagram

For the most part, Giordano has a fairly traditional menu in the works, but he will also offer monthly specials, such as a pizza topped with crickets—dried, not live (we hope)—and a green curry pizza.

Whenever someone asks Giordano about the pizza style to be offered, he bristles a bit. “It’s always strange to me that that’s the first question,” he told the Riverfront Times. “It’s like, ‘What style of pizza? Why? Is there a style that you don’t like?’ All pizza is awesome.” He goes on to acknowledge that his pies are basically New York-style, adding, “But we’re not in New York, so I really don’t give a s—.”

“I wouldn’t describe the food as metal-themed,” he continued, “but there are a few names for pizzas and cocktails that nod to some of my favorite bands. We won’t be cutting pizzas into pentagram shapes or anything, but we may be making a blackened crust on occasion.”

The Headless Bat might sound like a rowdy sort of pizza joint, but that’s not what Giordano has in mind, as he explained to Feast Magazine. “I think the word ‘heavy metal’ has been thrown around too much already, and it’s creating a sense of like, ‘Oh, it’s just a stupid headbanger place’ or something. I think people associate heavy metal with stupidity in a bad way, or lowbrow. And that’s not what this is going to be. It’s not going to be like a ‘come in and listen to screamo and graffiti the walls and throw up on the floor’ kind of place. This is going to be a place that is for everybody but just embraces [metal] culture.”

After all, as he told Fox 2 Now, heavy metal and pizza are the “two greatest things in life. The only thing missing is a small place to play with dogs, and it would be the ultimate place on earth.”