The First Lady With the Best Pizza!

According to, “First Lady Michelle Obama and the First Kids downed three pies at DUMBO’s legendary Grimaldi’s Pizzeria today — and impressed even their jaded waiter.”

“’It was great! It is an honor,’ said Rafal Harajda, who served the fitness-obsessed Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha one pie with pepperoni and sausage, one classic Margherita, and one with mushrooms, peppers and onions. The family showed up at around 1 pm with a full complement of security that kept Old Fulton Street in a lockdown for two hours. Restaurant customers kept their distance — more of out respect than fear, Harajda said. The waiter also reported (naturally) that the First Family was impressed by the quality of the Grimaldi’s pies, which do remain among the best in the city.”