San Francisco-based xRobotics has developed a pizza-making robot, called the xPizza Cube, that can prep up to 300 pies per hour, including sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Compact and designed for kitchens with limited space, the machine can be assembled in five minutes in the morning, the company says, and only takes about 10 minutes to clean at night.

PMQ Publisher Steve Green paid a visit to xRobotics’ headquarters in October and shot the video above while visiting Alena Tikhova, the company’s chief marketing officer. Through xRobotics’ Robotics-as-a-Service subscription model, pizzeria operators pay $1,500 a month. Installation is free, and every pizzeria gets two robots for the price of one with their subscription. “And whenever we upgrade to a new model, the restaurant automatically receives it for the same payment,” Tikhova says. “Once xPizza Cube 2 comes out, they’ll get it without having to ask for it.”



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