Adding kale to the menu just got easier with the introduction of two products from SupHerb Farms – IQF Blanched Chopped Kale and IQF Fusions® Kale Pesto.

Like other SupHerb Farms IQF specialty herbs and vegetables, Blanched Chopped Kale (pre-cut 3/8 inch) is natural, fully prepped, and ready to enhance the appearance, flavor, and nutritional appeal of a wide range of applications. SupHerb Farms also offers this leafy green culinary superstar in its Fusions® Kale Pesto formula. Kale Pesto saves labor and consistently delivers buttery, earthy flavor with light hints of lemon that can be easily incorporated into popular dishes, such as hot and cold pasta, hummus, flatbread, roasted vegetables, and sandwich spreads.

Chefs reach for the SupHerb Farms brand for its consistently fresh flavor and on-trend, innovative products. For usage ideas and more information about SupHerb Farms IQF Culinary Herbs, Specialty Vegetables, and Fusions Pastes, Purees and Blends visit

For samples call 800-787-4372. 

About SupHerb Farms®

SupHerb Farms, headquartered in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, is a leading supplier of fresh flavor solutions for foodservice operators and food manufacturers. The Company’s offering includes an extensive library of IQF Culinary Herbs, Specialty Vegetables, and SupHerb Farms Fusions® Blends, Pastes and Purées. SupHerb Farms was formed in 1992 as a partnership of McCormick & Company and Darégal of France. This union combines more than 170 years of collective experience bringing culinary herbs to market. As an agriculture-based business, SupHerb Farms is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment and to a multi-level food safety program. 

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