Summer's Over, But the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell Song is Hanging On

According to a report, “It’s already been hailed as one of the catchiest songs of the summer. Now, the over-the-top ode to a fast-food joint has cracked the highbrow world of public radio. That’s right, the hypnotizing (some say maddening) ditty called “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” has become an unlikely favorite at KCRW, the Los Angeles station better known for informed political discourse, This American Life and the latest from Fleet Foxes. I would’ve considered it a novelty if they’d played it once, but it keeps popping up, sandwiched between alt-music darlings like Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Kitty Daisy & Lewis, giving the fast-food siblings exposure they couldn’t buy. Check out this Village Voice interview, in which the Brooklyn-based rappers who call themselves Das Racist are quizzed about the sociopolitical roots of their infectious dance track. Why the love for the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song? Half of the duo, Victor, thinks it’s because “Yum! Brands combination franchises themselves are pretty ubiquitous but still absurd and almost terrifyingly prophetic.” And it’s got a great beat!”