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SKINNYPIZZA's Green Box is ecofriendly transformer for New York

GreenBox™ is pleased to announce the unveiling of SKINNYPIZZA’s custom-designed GreenBox™ pizza box, which will be featured at all three of SKINNYPIZZA’s New York locations, including Manhattan, Roslyn Heights, and Garden City. SKINNY will transition from the generic GreenBox to their custom GreenBox™ throughout the summer of 2015.

Recently spotlighted on ABC’s Shark Tank, the GreenBox™ is a multi-functional, ecofriendly pizza box that transforms into four sturdy plates and a compact storage container for leftovers. Dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of pizza boxes” by New York Daily News, the GreenBox™ completely eliminates the need for wasteful materials like paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and more.

A modern-style pizzeria with a focus on sustainability, SKINNYPIZZA has partnered with GreenBox™ since the opening of their flagship location in 2011. Recently featured alongside the GreenBox™ team on CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” SKINNYPIZZA is best known for their commitment to “PURE GOODNESS” – an all-natural concept that combines carefully-crafted, great-tasting pizza with a healthier approach to Italian quick-service dining.

According to SKINNYPIZZA President and Founder Joseph Vetrano, transitioning from a generic to a custom product was the natural next step. He states, “The concept fits perfectly with SKINNYPIZZA, as we are very environmentally conscious. Even our menus are printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper. We have heard so many compliments about our pizza boxes over the years…SKINNYPIZZA is proud to partner with GreenBox!”

Jennifer Wright-Laracy, President and Co-Founder of GreenBox™, is also thrilled to be building on a solid partnership with SKINNY. She states, “From the beginning, the GreenBox™ has been a staple at SKINNYPIZZA, and we are thrilled to collaborate on the creation of a one-of-a-kind custom product for such a unique pizzeria. It is a pleasure to continue being a part of SKINNY’s vision of 'PURE GOODNESS.’”

About Greenbox

GreenBox™, headquartered in New York, NY, is an innovator in the environmentally friendly food packaging industry. Their patented, multi-functional GreenBox™ breaks into plates & a storage unit for leftovers, while their Doggie Box and SliceBox offer eco-conscious alternatives to traditional food packaging. They’re a team that’s always thinking outside, and inside, the box… creating a whole new standard for the 21st century food industry.


SKINNYPIZZA is a pizzeria for the modern era, SKINNYPIZZA is a health and environmentally-conscious restaurant with three locations in New York (Mannhattan, Roslyn Heights, and Garden City). With a motto of “PURE GOODNESS,” SKINNYPIZZA is best known for their thin and crispy crust, all-natural toppings, and sauce made with 100% organic tomatoes. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options, along with a “build your own pasta” feature.