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Scott Walker just got punked at a New Hampshire pizza shop

Two climate activists pulled a fast one on Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at Theo's Pizza in New Hampshire last week. 

According to the Washington Post, the two 20-somethings acted overly excited to meet Scott Walker holding a homemade sign touting Walker for president. As the candidate smiled and embraced the couple for a picture, Tyler McFarland and Gisell Hart flipped the sign. Like dramatically excited. The young woman was literally bouncing with excitement. And the young man had a homemade sign declaring that the Republican governor should become president.

As Scott Walker smiled and put his arms around Tyler McFarland, 23, and Giselle Hart, 20, the sign flipped. Suddenly Walker was posing with a fake, game-show-style check made out to him from the billionaire Koch brothers.

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