Unsung heroes in Diamondville, Wyoming, are getting the attention—and the free pizza—they deserve with some help from Rosie’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar.

The idea for Rosie’s Pizza Forward Campaign emerged after a 40-year reunion of the Kemmerer High School Class of 1978 held at the restaurant, reports the Kemmerer Gazette. When Rosie’s owner Phillip Viviano waived his standard rental charge for the gathering, the event’s coordinator, Suki Hess, wanted to encourage more good deeds in the community.

Anyone can order a surprise pizza for local community members who rarely get recognized for their contributions, such as janitors, school cafeteria workers, senior citizens, single parents, and others known for their good deeds. Rosie’s then delivers the pre-paid pies to the recipients. Rosie’s also covers part of the cost for the pizza.

Recipients have also included the South Lincoln Medical Center’s emergency room staff, the Wyoming Highway Patrol and local U.S. Postal Service employees.

Viviano purchased Rosie’s, which was just a bar at the time, in February 2016 and expanded it into a pizza shop. The bar had previously been owned for more than 90 years by a local family.

“There is always room for more giving,” Viviano told the Kemmerer Gazette. “Something’s been lost in today’s society, and we are trying to get it back. We loved Suki’s idea, and we will keep it going.”

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