Touted as the “the perfect cheese grater,” the Robot Coupe CL52 Vegetable Prep/Cheese Grater is designed for grating high volumes of cheese. The CL52 has a large whole-head hopper to hold blocks of cheese and features improved ergonomics for processing and to prevent worker fatigue.

With a compliment of over 50 other different cuts, the Robot Coupe CL52 can slice onions, peppers, mushrooms and pepperoni as well as dice tomatoes for your pizza operation. This unit has a robust 2-horsepower direct drive motor and is sure to last through day-in-and-day-out operation.

For additional information or to set up a free demonstration, contact or call 800-824-1646.

For over 50 years Robot Coupe USA has provided commercial food processors, combination food processors, vegetable preparation machines, vertical cutter-mixers, Blixers, cheese graters, power mixers, juice extractors and automatic sieves as well as an unmatched selection of discs.


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