To help its restaurant clients weather the coronavirus crisis, Revention and CRS Solutions has added new features and services in the past few days, including the No-Contact option for food delivery. The following is a letter from Revention and CRS Solutions to its clients:

To our customers, partners, and restaurateurs,

The restaurant ecosystem we all belong to is being dramatically tested by severe and unforeseen circumstances. More now than ever in over 15 years of history, Revention and CRS Solutions are committed to supporting our community of restaurateurs as they strive to adapt to a challenge that affects both demand for restaurants as well as how they operate. To that effect, the entire Revention and CRS Solutions team has been focused on putting in place specific actions meant to maximize the continuity of operations for our customers.

1. Service First

We have the ability to provide you with reliable operational support, whether you are in the process of deploying our solutions, or whether you are considering how to reconfigure your restaurant operations. Our focus is on making it possible for you to implement the safety measures that your customers expect. To that effect, our contact centers will remain open to provide 24/7/365 U.S.-based expert advice and support. Here are some of the measures we’ve taken in recent days:

  • We’ve implemented new processes so we can provide remote training and installations.
  • We have worked with our equipment and training teams to enhance our already rigorous safety and sanitation guidelines.
  • We have made updates to Revention Point-of-Sale to provide “no-contact” messaging for both store owners, customers, and delivery drivers.
  • We’ve implemented work from home options for our employees so they can stay connected.

2. Equipment installs, upgrades and training
We’ve added many new customers in 2020. We are doing everything we can to minimize disruption to installation and training dates for those customers who are scheduled for installs over the next 60 days across the United States. For any training session that may be affected, online training and videos will be available.

3. Online ordering and delivery are the new norm for our digital economy

Many restaurants across the U.S. are being forced to close their dining rooms and will be able to offer food for pickup and delivery. The widening directive for social distancing hits the hospitality industry particularly hard. For many restaurants, online ordering is the technology response that will make it possible to remain open, offering a direct channel for customers to engage with you and to keep orders coming in, as well as help keep staff employed. HungerRush, from Revention, can quickly make a difference with its robust and user-friendly online ordering solution. Our teams of restaurant-savvy experts can help your restaurant or chain make an effective transition to an upgraded operating model that’s much more focused on online ordering so you can continue to provide your food to your customers.

4. Requesting no-contact delivery service

Over the last few days, Revention has implemented the ability to add a “no-contact” note field in our Point of Sale and online ordering system, HungerRush. The note field is available for customers to notify store owners, staff and drivers if they wish to have their food left outside their door for delivery. This feature was made available today, Tuesday, March 17th, and will be available to Revention customers through their point-of-sale system and online ordering service. The notes will display in the POS, online in the cart, and on the receipt for the driver. (Please note: we are working on additional updates for our mobile app to support “no-contact” notes and will communicate those in the coming days as we roll-out those new features.)

5. No-contact on-demand delivery with DoorDash

For many of our Revention customers who do have online ordering and are potentially challenged with employees choosing to stay home during these times, our partnership with DoorDash provides a convenient and effective option to maintain operations. This no-cost integration provides on-demand delivery services using DoorDash drivers, so you can continue to take orders for delivery and minimize headcount expenses. We appreciate your continued partnership and want you to know that we will do everything we can to help you mitigate the disruption to your restaurant. Our vision for a comprehensive restaurant management system continues to focus on making your operations more efficient, more profitable but also more resilient. We believe that if we are thoughtful in our approach now, we will be in better shape when our society returns to normal.


Management Team of Revention and CRS Solutions



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