Restaurant Strategies for a Tough Economy

“In today’s economy it is more important than ever for restaurants to promote their services. Eating out is, after all, a luxury – and a battle rages for the almighty dining dollar.  This leaves restaurants in a sticky situation. ‘Restaurants need to promote the benefits they offer, and they need to do it at little or no cost,’ says Troy Brackett, owner of ‘Fortunately, we’ve been helping independent restaurants and restaurant chains do exactly that for over 12 years.’ It doesn’t matter how big or small a restaurant is, each one can make good use of a press release to promote their restaurant news, gain exposure and grow their customer base.”

“But it isn’t enough to write a press release and tell everyone how great your restaurant is.  The most important thing for restaurant owners and operators to remember is to make sure their press release is newsworthy.For example, if you are about to open a new restaurant, this would be a newsworthy event. If you just want to promote your restaurant even though nothing new is happening there, you need to find an angle.”

“The good news is that there are plenty of things you can easily promote to gain publicity for your restaurant. For example:”

  • New menu selections and product launches
  • Facebook or Twitter promotions
  • A restaurant remodel
  • Community service events
  • Charitable donations made
  • Celebrating a restaurant’s anniversary
  • Holiday and special events marketing
  • Personnel promotions