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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Doria's Haus of Pizza's charm, crust fills seats

According to a news report on, “It is my firm belief that every neighborhood should have a pizza place. In La Crescenta where I grew up, we had one called Dominick’s. It was one of the town’s most popular restaurants; on Friday and Saturday nights the place was packed with families celebrating pay day.”

“It seems wherever I have lived, a restaurant like Dominick’s was nearby. They seem immune to takeover by chain restaurants that don’t have the charm of these little places. Costa Mesa residents have one of the best. Doria’s Haus of Pizza was a Friday night tradition when I lived around the corner from its Adams Avenue and Harbor Boulevard location,” said the story. “The restaurant started in Long Beach in 1974, but the Doria’s were forced to move it in 1981 when the city used its powers of eminent domain to take over their location. They found Costa Mesa and have been serving grateful patrons ever since.”

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